How to Play Pyramid Solitaire With Cards

how to play pyramid solitaire with cards

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire With Cards

A neat little video recently went viral showing how to play pyramid solitaire using only a pair of cards, which you should now have in your possession. It is called the Pyramid Solitaire Game and was created by two students in their spare time as part of a class project. Although not particularly an expert at the game, it did make us wonder how to best arrange our cards so we could try and solve the puzzle without actually having to use our brains. In other words, we wanted to see if we could do this without actually thinking about what we were doing.

So, how to play pyramid solitaire with cards? There are a few rules you will need to follow. You can either play with the ordinary, four suit cards or with the special four-suit “gypsy” cards which are used in the game. When we’re talking strictly about the latter, we’ll just assume you’re using the four-suit cards. The first step is to deal out a face down starting hand and then take each of your four piles and discard pile A and pile B, followed by the second pile.

You should now have a single card in each of your four piles, the remaining cards to be kept around for a later part of the game. The first card you draw should be the king, queen, knight, royal king, etc. This will form your basic starting hand. Now, when you draw cards from the cards in piles A, B, and C the positions of these cards become clear.

With A in the A pile, you need to have something to replace it (there’s usually a trump card) and then you can use the remaining cards to make the hand you need. If you’re holding onto either the king or queen, then you can keep them together and then use the king and queen as a pair. If you’re holding onto nothing, you need to get rid of that pair. When you do that, you have a single card left, the king or queen if you’re holding them, and then you can get as many cards as you need.

When you’re done, you should have a total of 27 cards. If you’re holding on to more cards than you need, you can throw them away and start again with another round of playing. Remember, the goal is to go through all of the cards and remove them from your deck without anyone getting to them. Once you have them all gone, you can then move on to the next set of cards and continue. Keep in mind that when you’re dealing with the pyramid, you need to remove the king and queen from your deck, but keep any other cards that you may need.

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s fun, too! You can even organize a game with a friend or two over a few beers. It doesn’t matter if you’re using just one deck, or you’re using many different decks. Either way, playing this classic solitaire game is something that you’ll always be able to enjoy. So start playing today!