How to Play Pyramid Solitaire – Here Are Some Rules

The secret to playing the best how to play pyramid solitaire game is not only reading the instructions and learning all the rules but also in order to have some mental discipline. You will find this game easy to learn as you can go over it a lot. Many people also fall into the trap of making some plays without getting any points and also not understanding the rules of the game.

how to play pyramid solitaire game

In order to learn how to play pyramid solitaire game there are some steps you should follow. First thing you should do is to choose a deck of cards which will be used for playing the game. Keep in mind that playing cards cannot be reshuffled once you play with them. If you do not play with cards that have a value of one hundred, one hundred and twenty-one hundred and fifty, you may not be able to play with any of the other cards.

If you are also not sure what the number should be, you can use the numbers that are known at least two people from your family. This will be more convenient if you do not know the number for sure. If you need to select the card, draw a random card from the deck.

Once you have the cards, the first thing you need to do is to divide the deck of cards into three equal parts. Each part must be three cards in length and must contain one, two or three cards respectively.

Games are divided into rounds. In every round, one card is flipped. If the card is drawn, the players can take as many cards as they want from the top of the table.

The second thing you need to do is to cut the cards. Start with the first card that is on top. Then take the remaining cards that are on the table and cut those cards. Make sure that you always start with the first card on the table so that you will have enough time to play with the rest of the cards on the table.

During the game, keep in mind that you will be aiming for a win. However, you cannot be too hard on yourself if you lose. Sometimes, all it takes is to take a rest and try again. This way, you will also not lose too much face.