How to Play Solitaire With One Deck of Cards

If you’ve never played solitaire, the chances are that you’re probably very new to the entire game of Solitaire. The way that you can play solitaire is by laying out rows of cards, each one matching up to its neighbor on the table. You then use this arrangement to make it through all of the available free Cellar cards that are on the table and to complete the game. There are many different variations of solitaire, including no main rule changes from one game to the next. While it’s easy enough to learn how to play, and an enjoyable way to pass time, solitaire can also be a great game for playing with a group of people. Here’s how to play solitaire with one deck of cards.

how to play solitaire with one deck of cards

You’ll need two decks of cards each, your own deck of cards and a deck of opponents’ cards. You’ll want to lay out your solitaire game on a table that has at least four legs, preferably two short ones and two long ones. This will help keep your solitaire layout relatively simple. Lay out your two decks face down. On your Solitaire cards, lay out the four suits of cards that make up your solitaire deck. Place the suit that corresponds to the lowest numbered card in your hand on your left-hand turn.

Now that you’ve got your two decks laid out, you’re ready to move them around and make a strategy. Start by laying out the short suite of cards face up on your table. Lay one card on each leg, face up. These are your starting cards. Your opponents will have to arrange their cards as they would when playing a regular game of Solitaire. These rules will remain the same, even though the cards have been shuffled.

Lay out the full deck in reverse, from ace to king. This is the second position that you would be in if you were playing a game with two decks of cards. Once the cards have been arranged in this way, you can start dealing the cards.

If you want to learn how to play Solitaire quickly and easily, then the answer to your question about how to deal the cards will be a single word. K. I. S. L. (Keep it)! That’s all that matters. Keep putting the higher cards away until you reach the final high card, called the King, which is at the top of the deck.

Now that the cards are dealt, arrange the pairs of cards that make up your hand on top of your discard pile, face down. You will now have to take your single card and use it to select a card from among the cards in that pile, one card per turn. You should now know how to play Solitaire with one deck of cards, the basic principles. Don’t forget to read the accompanying Learning Center article about how to play the game.