How to Play Pyramid Solitaire

pyramid solitaire how to play

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire

If you’ve played a lot of the popular versions of solitaire and enjoyed them, then you probably have a basic idea of how to play pyramid solitaire. Pyramid solitaire, however, is not the most common type of solitaire and is often mistaken for it.

Pyramid solitaire, also known as pyramid games, is actually very simple to understand and play. Klondike solitaire, the classic version most of us are familiar with, is the standard version most people know, yet it is often called just “ko”ko-ki” and not recognized as pyramid solitaire. Pyramid solitaire isn’t just any other version either; it has a unique rule set and a unique style that set it apart from others. So how to play pyramid solitaire is actually quite simple.

To start out, you’ll need to choose the number of players that you’d like to play. This is typically two to four depending on how many players you have to play with. You’ll also need to choose the shape that the numbers are in.

The most common of these is the six-sided pyramid, which consists of five different pieces on each of the four sides. The three-sided pyramid is also a good choice, but will be missing some of the other numbers on the sides. You’ll have to decide for yourself what you prefer for your pyramid.

There are two ways in which to play pyramid solitaire, through the use of an online game or a conventional game in person. In an online game, you can usually use your browser. The first thing you’ll do when you are ready to start playing is click on the play button on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, next to your name. You’ll then be directed to an option to join a game, which will take you directly to the play area of a specific game you’re trying to find.

In a traditional game of pyramid solitaire, you’ll go to the play area by clicking on the triangle that represents the center piece and then clicking on the play button that will take you to the start of the game where you’ll be given a screen to sort of click around on until you find a specific game to start. Once you’re there, you’ll click on the triangle next to the pyramid and then click on the number that represents the correct number that you would like to place inside the pyramid. On the other side, you can select the other numbers that you’re going to play with and click on the play button to begin.